Everything You Know Is a Lie

Everything you think you know is tainted by what you don’t know. And what you don’t know is the truth.

All along, something has been wrong and you are just now realizing it. It seems that everyone already knew, except you. Your whole adult life, your childhood—everything has been a lie. But you can’t blame your mother. And you can’t blame your father. And you can’t blame the friends who saw it all happening. It was not a lie because someone lied to you; it was a lie because you were lying to yourself.

You told yourself that there was something wrong with you, and you believed it. You perceived yourself as flawed; as broken. You thought you were not good enough, and so you weren’t. You lived your life based on falsehoods, created by your own mind.

Every memory is tinted by these lies, viewed through eyes that no longer remember how to see what is real.

Up until this moment, your whole life has been a lie. But take a good look at yourself now, and hear this: There is nothing wrong with you, believe me. You are not flawed, or broken. You are good enough.

And now you know the truth.

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