Positivity: Let Hope In

I haven’t really posted anything positive or uplifting on the blog yet, but I’d like to do that from time to time. While writing about how bad I feel can be therapeutic, writing about a positive mindset is a welcome relief—even if I don’t believe it at the time and have to “fake it till I make it.”

Most of the time, people don’t know what to say to you when you’re depressed. Often, they say the absolutely wrong thing, and make you feel worse. But sometimes, they present you with a more hopeful point of view. You just have to be open to receiving it.

Once, when I told a friend that I wasn’t looking forward to the future, she responded: “I think that life is like a movie. Don’t you want to find out what happens?”

While my initial reaction was skepticism, and a firm “no,” I did eventually think about it further, and I began to agree with her. Although it was hard to put aside the negative thoughts caused by my depression, I reasoned that the fact that my life is a certain way now doesn’t guarantee that it will always be that way. Furthermore, I really want my friend to find out what happens in her story, and I just automatically expect that it will be positive—so why shouldn’t I want that and expect that for myself? Why should I have positive thoughts about everyone else’s life, but not about my own?

Sometimes it can be hard to look at things in a positive light, when you are conditioned to fear that only negative things will happen in your life. I admit that I have never been much of an optimist, but I am a realist, and as such I am always trying to rationalize things. And if I let myself, I am able to imagine a believable future where things aren’t as bad as they are now. What if that became my reality?

Why not take a page from my friend’s book, and let hope in? Imagine a happy ending for yourself, and you just might get there someday.


What do you think of my friend’s response? Does being optimistic about your friends’ lives help you to imagine a positive future for yourself?


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